When it comes to asbestos removal, our reputation is our guarantee.

AZYTEK is a proudly South Australian family-owned and run business. Since forming AZYTEK in 2015, we have quickly become Adelaide’s most trusted name for the safe assessment and removal of asbestos products.

Our business is built on two pillars. Safety, and customer service. In everything we do, the safety of our staff, customers, and the general public is paramount. We provide professional and complete asbestos management services where our customer’s well-being and satisfaction is always front of mind.

Our expert asbestos team

As an expert asbestos management company, we recognise the importance of employing only highly trained and experienced technicians. Each of our staff are fully qualified in asbestos management, and our policy of continuous education and training ensures that our team always have the most up to date knowledge and skills available. We remain at the forefront of safe asbestos handling through training, technology, and safe-working procedures.

Our safety commitment

In South Australia, there are strict codes of practice enforced by the government and rules and regulations put in place by SafeworkSA for the safe management of asbestos. We embrace these, as we see them as the framework that keeps everyone in our community safe. However, we do regard them as the minimum standard. Too much safety is never enough with asbestos, and the extra precautions and procedures we have developed provide the highest level of safety of any asbestos management company in Adelaide.

Our commitment to you

Whether you are our customer, part of our team, or a member of the general public, our commitment to you is safety and satisfaction. We understand that for our customers, asbestos-related dealings can be stressful. So we will not rest until you’re completely satisfied with the way your asbestos challenges have been resolved. We commit to providing a level of customer service and communication that instills confidence in our customers, while always operating with the highest levels of safety standards.


Asbestos License #539219

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