If you’re not confident that your building is asbestos free, you need to find out for sure. When it comes to Asbestos Testing and Inspections in Adelaide, the team at AZYTEK can provide you with a fast and professional service. Peace of mind is normally priceless, but at AZYTEK the price is competitive and fair.

It’s not always easy to know where asbestos might be lurking in a building. It can remain in commonly used areas for decades without being noticed. Fortunately, asbestos testing and Inspections from AZYTEK will identify any presence of asbestos in your building.  From there, a plan to manage the asbestos can be implemented. In most cases, removal of the asbestos is the safest approach, which is easily taken care of by AZYTEK also.

Asbestos removal in Adelaide

We’ll attend the property and undertake a full inspection. We then provide you with a comprehensive report and a free quote for any management or asbestos removal.

Whether it’s a property you already own, or one you’re considering purchasing, giving consideration to the potential presence of asbestos is a must. Although asbestos building products are now illegal in Australia, their use still sometimes occurs. Even new buildings can potentially contain asbestos. Knowing the cost of asbestos management for any property you consider purchasing is essential to purchase negotiations and evaluating value for money.

Asbestos Testing and Inspections are also essential before conducting any renovation or demolition work. Discovering asbestos after any such projects have commenced can be too late. If you discover something you suspect may be asbestos or any unknown substance, stop. Call us immediately, and let us professionally test for asbestos and safely manage any danger.

It’s important to know any asbestos dangers early. To ensure everyone’s safety, Call us today on 0478 254 661