If you own commercial property in SA or the building you work in was built between the early 20’s and late 90’s, there’s a high risk that asbestos was used in its construction. To manage this, you need an Adelaide asbestos removal service that is sensitive to the challenges faced by businesses. AZYTEK is the safest and easiest way to manage the risk while keeping your businesses bottom line in mind.

We understand the needs of business. Shutting premises down is often a costly exercise that most businesses find hard to afford. Production delays, restricted access, and limited ability to liaise with customers are just a few of the challenges that may need to be managed when removing asbestos from a commercial property.

Adelaide Asbestos Removal

The team at AZYTEK are experienced in enclosing off areas for asbestos removal to eliminate risk to staff and customers. Stringent removal and disposal procedures are then followed to ensure the area is safe, and that the surrounding areas are also. We do this in a way that impacts on your business as little as possible, while not compromising on safety. Keeping business profitable during asbestos removal is something we do better than anyone else.

If you have a factory, warehouse, office, converted house, or any type of commercial premises that contains asbestos, we can assess, plan, and remove it. If you’re not sure if asbestos is present, simply leave it, and call us straight away. We can attend and test for the presence of asbestos straight away. In instances of asbestos being detected, we can advise immediately on what needs to be done. If there’s no asbestos, the peace of mind will be reassuring for everyone.

Don’t put your staff and customers at risk. Call us today on 0478 254 661