The transportation and disposal of asbestos-related products are heavily regulated in Australia, and with good reason. The team at AZYTEK offer a complete and professional Asbestos Pick up and Disposal across Adelaide. If you’ve discovered asbestos on your property, we’re the team to call for its removal.

It may be that you’ve uncovered asbestos in your home as part of a DIY project, or perhaps someone has illegally dumped asbestos on your property. Either way, it’s a danger that needs to be assessed and managed immediately. The health risks associated with asbestos are just too severe to justify handling asbestos without the proper training and licensing.

Asbestos removal in Adelaide

Our expert team of trained professionals can assess any asbestos you find, then make a plan to remove and dispose of it safely. Strict regulations are followed during the removal stage to ensure no fibres escape. We then transport the asbestos in vehicles that are registered and licensed with the EPA. Finally, it’s disposed of at licensed asbestos waste facilities.

The procedures we follow in the pick up and disposal of asbestos are complex and highly regulated. As trained, qualified, and professional asbestos removal experts, we understand and appreciate the need for these stringent measures. It’s true that a license is not required to remove and dispose of asbestos under certain small amounts. However, most people recognise that the risks are high, and the resulting outcomes of mismanaged asbestos removal are horrendous.

We know how to remove, transport, and dispose of asbestos safely. Trust in our professionals to keep everyone safe.

If you think you have asbestos on your property, grant yourself peace of mind by calling the AZYTEK team today on 0478 254 661
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