It’s unfortunate, but asbestos-contaminated soil can be found on properties throughout Australia. Even properties that have previously been declared asbestos-free can sometimes contain traces of asbestos. The proliferation of the asbestos industry over many decades saw large numbers of  manufacturing plants appear all over the country. Once the dangers of asbestos were established and these plants were shut down, many of these sites left behind areas of soil laced with small and large quantities of asbestos fibres.

Demolished buildings that originally contained asbestos can also leave asbestos debris in the soil. Especially if they were not demolished by asbestos experts, which was the norm before the early 80’s. Illegal dumping of asbestos products has seen some properties left with asbestos contaminated soil too. In these instances, the fragmentation of the asbestos products increases the risk of dangerous fibres entering the soil and air.

Asbestos removal in Adelaide

The team at AZYTEK can test your soil for the presence of asbestos. If identified, we can then devise a management plan that will allow us to remove the asbestos from the contaminated area without putting the safety of anyone at risk. We cordon off the area before sealing it to eliminate the chances of any asbestos escaping. Then, using the highest level of safety equipment and with the industry’s best safe working procedures, we manually sort through your soil, removing any traces of asbestos we find.

The offending asbestos is then removed from your property with strict transportation and disposal techniques, before disposing of it legally in official government-sanctioned waste facilities.

Asbestos contaminated soil is not something to be taken lightly. If you suspect you may have asbestos on your property, get in touch with us today so we can assess and manage it for you. Call us on 0478 254 661